Aramm first look: Nayanthara’s deglam look is making us curious about her 55th film

As a special gift to all Nayanthara fans, it was announced that the title and first look of Nayanthara’s film with Minjur Gopi would be out on her birthday at midnight. The film is titled Aramm, and the gorgeous actress will be seen in an avatar like never before. She will play a district collector who looks into water problems of her jurisdiction. The movie also stars child actors – Vignesh and Ramesh  who were also part of the Award winning film – Kakka Muttai. The film has wrapped up shoot and is soon gearing for a release. While we await its release date, here is the first look and title as promised. Wow, this sure is a double treat for all Nayan fans. Her birthday has begun with a bang!

In other news, she is currently working on a Tamil thriller Imaikaa Nodigal where she reportedly plays a cop. The movie also stars Atharvaa, Raashi Khanna. Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap will also be part of this movie. He plays the antagonist. She will also pair up with Siva Karthikeyan for the first time in Mohan Raja’s next. They were to start shooting for the film in November. The rest of the cast and crew is yet to be finalised.

This has been a great year for Nayanthara as she has had 5 releases with 5 different actors – There was Idhu Namma Aalu with her ex Simbu that opened to positive reviews, then there was Thirunaal with Jiiva That fared decently as well. Then there was Venky’s comeback film – Babu Bangaram, her first film with Vikram  – Iru Mugan that almost managed to collect Rs 100 crore at the BO. Her most recent release was Kaashmora with Karthi that performed phenomenally at the box office. All in all, it has been one of her most happening years as we saw her various avatars right from a teacher, agent to a queen.

So how did you like the Nayan’s first look? was it something you had expected or did it totally blow you away?

Here’s wishing one of the most gorgeous Tamil actress – Happy Birthday!

Nayanthara’s new movie s Aramm

ooks like lady superstar Nayanthara is on a signing spree. The actress has signed for multiple projects. She will be seen in Mohan Raja’s multi starrer with Sivakarthikeyan, Fahadh Fazil and Sneha. She has also comitted for Dora and Imaikka Nodigal with Atharvaa Murali in the lead.

Noe we have got news about her new movie. Nayanthara’s 55th movie has been officially titled as Aramm. The title and the first look of the film were revealed today coinciding with her 32nd birthday. The movie is written and directed by Gopi Nainar.

Nayanthara reportedly plays a district collector in this film which deals with the problem of water scarcity and its issues in a district.

Kakka Muttai fame Ramesh and Vignesh, Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi are also playing important roles in the movie.

Aramm is produced by Kottapadi J Ramesh under his banner KJR Studios. Omprakash is the cinematographer for this movie while popular action choreographer Peter Hein handling the stunts.

Nayanthara’s last release was Kashmora with Karthi in the lead. She played a princess for the first time in her decade long career.

Kaashmora Movie Review

Kashmora is the highest budgeted film for Karthi in his career so far and is one of the biggest releases this Deepavali.
The movie directed by Gokul comes under the fantasy genre. Apart from Karthi, the film has Nayanthara, Sri Divya and Vivekh playing prominent roles.

Kaashmora (Karthi) is a fake exorcist who makes money by cheating people.
Karthi’s family gets caught in an old palace where they are haunted by the ghost of a war chief Rajnayak (also played by Karthi).
Rajnayak wants to sacrifice the family to take his revenge on Rathnamadevi (Nayanthara) who killed him centuries ago. How the family escapes, does Rajnayak succeed in sacrificing the family forms.the rest of the story.Karthi has shown variety in both the roles, while he induces laughter as Kaashmora, he instills fear as Rajnayak.
Sri Divya has lesser scope.for acting, while Nayanthara steals the heart of the audience in the limited portion that she comes. The elegant actress has stunt sequences too in the movie.
Unlike his previous movies, Gokul has taken an entirely different concept..With briliant screenplay he has made a good movie of a simple revenge story.
Santhosh Narayanan’s musical has kept the audience engaged through out.
Overall ‘Kaashmora’ is a complete entertainer.

Movie Review: ‘Kashmora’ is Your Great Deepavali Horror-Masala Fix

The 1984 classic Kutti Saththan (Dubbed into Hindi as Chhota Chetan, in '98) was the first Indian 3D film. It was about a ghost that takes the form of a little boy, and befriends a bunch of kids.
Kashmora is less scarier than this. But that’s not really a bad thing.

But what is really awesome about Kashmora is that the first 10 minutes or so is completely unpredictable. I was miffed at the timing of the hero-intro song and thought it was really unnecessary. Until, it revealed a couple of plot details that made the audience go wow, and then got them all LOLing.
The mood and expectations were set beautifully, and successfully.

Kashmora Nayan Hot Gallery

Iru Mugan Movie Review

CAST: Vikram, Nayanthara, Nithya Menen, Thambi Ramaiah, Nasser, Karunakaran, Riythvika
DIRECTION: Anand Shankar
GENRE: Action
DURATION: 2 hours 35 minutes

SYNOPSIS: A suspended RAW agent returns to the force to track down his nemesis, who has now developed a new super drug that he plans to sell to terrorists

REVIEW: If Anand Shankar's previous film Arima Nambi had echoes of K Bhagyaraj's Rudhra, the set-up of his Iru Mugan recalls that of Kamal Haasan's Vikram. An intelligence officer is tasked with investigating and foiling a nefarious plot. The mastermind behind the plot is the man who killed his wife, and he is now conducting his operation from a foreign nation. So, the officer has to go there with a female sidekick in tow and save the day. Here, it is Akilan (Vikram, with beard), a RAW agent who goes after Malaysia to capture Love (Vikram, with prosthetics), an anarchist and a brilliant knowledge about chemicals, to avenge the murder of his wife Meera (Nayanthara, whose character feels underwritten despite a terrific twist). He is accompanied on this mission by Ayushi (Nithya Menen, in a rather minor role), a trainee officer. With Arima Nambi, Anand Shankar showed us that he has a flair for Hollywood-ish action thrillers. Iru Mugan, too, feels like something that Hollywood might have come up with. There is a high-concept involving a super drug that increases one's adrenaline and turns ordinary men into supermen for five minutes. The villain is an over-the-top figure who seems to indulge in evil acts not out of any agenda, but more because he relishes the chaos he can create in the world. There is also a clever twist involving the heroine that is actually borrowed from Fast & Furious 6. The characters look chic and the visuals have a sheen that we don't usually see in our films here.

But, unlike the first half of Arima Nambi, where Anand Shankar hardly deviated from the plot, here, perhaps because he is working with a star, he settles for compromises — forced comedy by Thambi Ramaiah, who appears as a cop in Malaysia, that sits uneasily with the seriousness of the hero's mission (it is a stark contrast to what the director achieved with MS Bhaskar in Arima Nambi); a melodramatic character, played by Riythvika, who seems to have dropped in from another film (perhaps Kabali, given that she plays a similar character here); the ease with which Akilan and Ayushi trace the whereabouts of Love, who is built up to be a cunning person; clumsy exposition that is provided through a character (Karunakaran) who seems to exist just for this purpose (the guy works for the villain, but is only too eager to tell everything he knows of his plans to the hero); the several logic leaps (for example, the almost magical recovery by the hero in the climax after taking the super drug, which we are told leaves a person drained for hours after the five-minute mark).

And yet, the film works... to an extent. And that is mainly because the director gives an antagonist who is more than an equal to the hero. His Love seemed to be more of an indulgence in the promos, especially because of Vikram's predilection towards gimmicky roles, but the character works in the film, and keeps us in thrall. And the actor nails both the mannerisms and the modulation of this character. The film feels alive whenever this character is on screen, and that is why the second half — despite the implausible scenes — comes across as more engaging than the initial portions

Iru Mugan: science of the times

Vikram, a cold-hearted secret agent, a widower, is the only one who can save the universe.

Sometimes, while watching a movie, I’ll end up thinking: ‘But Kamal Haasan has done this before!’ It’s possibly a couple of things. One, Kamal’s films are so unique, so ahead of their time, that they become the template for a certain kind of movie. Two, present-day filmmakers have grown up worshipping these films, and they think, “Okay, so this didn’t work then. Maybe now’s the time.”

All of which is my way of saying that Iru Mugan, Anand Shankar’s new film, plays out like a mashup of Vikram (a cold-hearted secret agent, a widower, is the only one who can save the universe) and Aalavandhan (the leading man in two flavours; the vanilla hero, and the cassata villain, colourful and generously sprinkled with nuts). Here, Vikram, with his penchant for making every acting job look like a stint in a Siberian prison, plays RAW agent Akilan and a pharmaceutical mad-scientist named... Love, who’s concocted a compound that, when inhaled, can transform ordinary men into Schwarzeneggerian cyborgs. Imagine the consequences if the drug fell into the hands of terrorist organisations. It’s hasta la vista to the world as we know it, baby!