Nayantara Night Show in last leg of shoot

Nayantara and Aari starrer upcoming Tamil Film Night Show has reached final stages of production in Chennai. The final schedule of the movie is progressing in Chennai where key scenes are being shot. Nayantara will be joining the Night Show movie sets shortly. Nayantara will be as a mother to 5 Years boy in the film. Nayantara’s Night Show film ...

(Nanbenda) Movie Review: Watch Only If You Badly Crave to See Nayanthara Onscreen

After the long wait, Tamil movie "Nannbenda" starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, Nayanthara and Santhanam in the lead has finally hit the screens on 2 April. However the movie did not manage to be a good entertainer as it was touted to be.The major flaw of the movie lies in its duration as the story does not have calibre to carry on for more than two hours. The more director Jagadhish tried to instil the elements of comedy, romance and songs, the movie looked more feeble and the story line offered more loop-holed.

To begin with, the movie talks about a young naive man Sathyan (Udhayanaidhi Stalin), who hates to do any work and travels every month to Trichy from his home town to meet his friend Sivakozhunthu (Santhanam) so that he can splurge all the money which his friend earns. On one such visit, he meets Ramya (Naynathara) and falls in love with her on the very first sight.He remembers what an astrologer has told his mother about his marriage that his soulmate would be a girl of his choice whom he will meet thrice on the very first day of their encounter. Like how it was meant to be, he meets Ramya three times on same day by destiny and he concludes that she is his partner for lifetime.

Now coming to the script of the movie, it fails to offer anything that was promised. The romance lacked depth and comedy missed novelty. The predictability of the dialogues and some unwanted sequences added to the blandness of the script. The movie would have looked better if it was trimmed more neatly.The songs as well as the fight sequence looked out of place. It looked like the director added them and that is what conventional Tamil entertainer's are supposed to have.

When it comes to performance, the saviours of the movie are Santhanam and Nayanthara. Santhanam managed to pull off some soul-less dialogues with his timing and antics that otherwise would have been a disaster.

At the same time, Nayanthara carried the movie with her screen presence and performance. She looked stylish and added to the feel-good aspect if there was any. Karunakaran also managed to do his part decently.

It looked like both Udhayanidhi Stalin and the character he portrayed had nothing much to do with each other. Rest of the character also did not have nothing much to contribute to the movie.Coming to the technicalities, cinematography by Balasubramaniem looked impressive. Harris Jayaraj also contributed well with his background score.

To conclude, "Nannbenda" is a forgettable movie and is meant for only for those people who badly crave to see Nayanthara onscreen

Nayan’s hot look drawing heavy crowds

Hero Udayanidhi Stalin has not much of fans in Tamilnadu but still his films make it big at box office due to comedy factor. This time he is coming up with the movie “Nanbenda”, which is releasing today. As there is Good Friday holiday from tomorrow, the makers want to cash on the long weekend.

For “Nanbenda”, the original crowd puller is none other hot actress Nayantara. Trade circus from Kollywood revealed that all those posters that have Nayan flaunting the best of her curves are attracting more crowds. To make her comeback in Tamil industry a big hit, Nayan showed no qualms in delivering a fantastic skin show for the flick.

In more than 400+ theatres, Nanbenda released today and the movie is high with positive hype. If clicked, Nayan will be soaring skies and maybe hiking her remuneration too

Hot Sexy Nayanthara Nanbenda Movie Stills